CARES Act Funding Project Rankings

The County Commissioners Wednesday finalized a list of Coronavirus Relief Fund (CRF) allocations from six community groups during a special meeting and authorized staff to pursue subrecipient agreements for the projects.

The County allocation of CRF is $633,000; the City of Port Townsend’s funding maximum is an additional $144,000 for a total of $777,000. The cost of selected proposals is $846,920 – a difference of $69,255 which will be managed by scaling some of the dollar allocations in the PUD and Culture & Events Grants.

The Commissioners had questioned the eligibility of some of the proposals and if the work could be completed before the deadline of Nov. 30. County Administrator Philip Morley said the Culture & Events group revised its focus since Monday to emphasize a broader community use focusing on business, economic and public health. Included in funding: Hand washing stations support the entire community; the portable restroom trailer has a public health /human services function; the proposed outdoor tent size was scaled down to fit into the streetscape in downtown Port Townsend enabling outdoor dining; and the outdoor stage allocation was repurposed for outdoor heaters to facilitate outdoor dining and other gatherings in support of local businesses.

The top programs to be funded include the Family Navigator, funding for the Farmer’s Markets Association, Household Utility Assistance, Business Electric Utility Bill Assistance, and Childcare Support through the YMCA.

Programs not recommended for funding include: “How’s your Neighbor” campaign; “Buy Jefferson” marketing campaign; Stronger Towns Connected Students initiative, Creative Districts Arts & Culture Plan, and community volunteer group from the Human Services Group. Agreements with the sub recipient groups are currently being drafted.

Full List of Approved Projects

article originally posted on the Jefferson County WA Government FB Page