Jefferson County Invites ICC Working Groups to Help Allocate Portion of CARES Funding

Jefferson County’s Board of Commissioners have instructed County Administrator Philip Morley to empower the six Community Groups working with the ICC to give input on priority projects and uses for the County’s remaining and potential future City and County CARES Act funding. Morley stated that there was unanimous agreement among the four executives of the City, Port, PUD, and County government agencies that the Community Groups would be valuable and appropriate for this purpose.

According to Morley, Jefferson County currently has $327,000 of CARES Act Coronavirus Relief Funds (CRF) available from a first round of distribution by the State for allocation to help pay for COVID-19 response, and for community assistance to individuals and businesses impacted by the pandemic.

Morley has asked for the ICC Working Groups submit their lists of priority projects and uses CRF funds by September 4th.

Letter to the ICC Community Groups on CRF Allocation

US Treasury CRF Guidance and FAQ

State of WA CRF Program Guidelines