US Rep. Kilmer Visits ICG

From the Peninsula Daily News:

The recovery effort will likely take the form of an infrastructure and relief package — as in some $1.9 trillion worth of projects. Beyond roads and bridges, it potentially funds public transit, stormwater and wastewater infrastructure, modernization of the energy grid and school improvements.

The package also addresses two high-priority problems in the North Olympic Peninsula: broadband access and affordable housing.

“Most of my district qualifies as distressed, unfortunately,” Kilmer said.

“The idea here is to make sure that, as we recover, everybody’s part of that recovery,” including the rural North Olympic Peninsula.

As soon as Kilmer finished his talk, Port Townsend Mayor Michelle Sandoval posed a question: Can some of the Build Back Better money be used to develop housing, since having that is essential for attracting workers?

How the funds are spent will depend on community needs, Kilmer replied.

Localities could invest in worker training or broadband access, he said, while others may choose affordable housing and child care. The idea is to be flexible.

Port Commissioner Bill Putney asked how recovery dollars will be distributed: by amount of money lost by an organization or by percentage of lost revenue?

The latter is what’s in the bill, Kilmer replied.

“The first bite of apple,” he said, will be available to those who lost 90 percent of their revenues during the pandemic; the second bite to businesses that saw 70 percent of their revenue vanish.”

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