Working Groups

The ICG has designated two representatives from each of the four organizations – one elected, one chief executive – as the Intergovernmental Coordinating Committee (ICC). The ICC will recommend a Recovery and Resiliency Plan to the ICG and provide a regular, monthly interface with the community. The ICC will consider strategies and actions brought forward by six community-based groups comprised of people with specific expertise and/or sector experience and representing different sectors for inclusion in the plan. The groups include:

The groups are comprised of people from the community with specific expertise and/or experience in their sector. Groups may meet weekly or as often as they determine, and are invited to develop suggestions for specific projects or initiatives that are tangible, fundable, legal and able to be implemented that address recovery and resiliency within their sector in the near term.

Proposals from each group will come to the ICC for consideration in October and may be incorporated into a plan ultimately adopted by the ICG in December 2020. Actions are meant to be short-term actions that build momentum and early success for issues that may require a subsequent set of longer-term solutions developed at a later stage.

Suggested Pathway For Community Groups:  Benchmark Tasks, Milestones & Products

      • Recruit core group members, select chair/co-chair
      • Alert ICC liaison to any additional needs, context or background
      • Discuss/agree shared values
      • Research, development of common knowledge base
      • Develop/agree problem statement
      • Status report & introduction at ICC meeting
      • Solicitation of wider community input
      • Investigation and consideration of range of actions and approaches
      • Report back on early actions and wider community perspectives at ICC meeting (August 27)
      • Refinement and testing of actions, including mapping partnerships and interdependencies
      • Consideration of cross-group linkages
      • Draft actions and plan chapter developed
      • Initial presentations and review of draft strategies, projects & initiatives at ICC meeting (September 24)
      • Finalization of actions
      • Review and editing of plan chapter
      • Group’s Report to ICC (October 22)
    • Actions considered by ICG as part of draft plan (November 18)

      • Final plan reviewed by ICC for recommendation to ICG (December 3)
      • Final plan adopted by ICG (December 16)
      • Implementation begins